Our sitter with a client's child playing board games.

Why Choose US

We at Babysitter’s Agency have served hotels, residences, churches and synagogues since 1960.

Babysitters Agency offers personalized service that many agencies lack. We have on-call sitters, so you as the concierge, or parent can be at ease with your last minute business meeting, a sick child in the morning, or your guest’s last minute plans. Most of our sitters live in the immediate area, which means we can have one of our experienced sitters on site to serve you or your guests within 90 minutes from your call. Most of our sitters have been with the company for over 5 years and have years of practical experience in childcare and are Red Cross trained in CPR and first aid.


We are not a referral service; all of our sitters are hand-picked and have a great love for children. Each of our sitters have their own unique qualities, including expertise with newborns and child development. Some of us specialize in the elementary age group and enjoy swinging at the park and doing fun arts and crafts with the children. For the middle school kids who are more independent and like to think for themselves, our sitters love to connect with them using activities such as video games, shooting hoops, doing homework, or playing board games like “apples to apples”. Besides having fun, our sitters will make sure the children stay on schedule with meals, homework, and bedtime. We do our very best at assisting your needs and consider that situations can be stressful. At Babysitters Agency it’s important that we match the sitters and the child to your liking as best as we can. We want you and the sitters to be happy. We strive to form lasting bonds with your children.

Babysitter’s Agency would be privileged to be added to your list of Licensed and Bonded service providers for valuable and dependable sitters that you call regular. Just remember, many elite hotels depend on us regularly to best serve their clientele, as well as many local churches and synagouges. We are also available for emergency situations such as when your nanny gets sick or goes on vacation. 

To those who we served for many years we thank you for your business. We are aware that some of the children have grown up and you no longer need our assistance. We would love if you could refer us to any one you may know who has young children and may need our services.

We look forward to hearing from you very soon!


Laurie A. Kline

For hotels we require:

  • 4 Hour Minimum
  • Transportation Fee
  • Parking Fee

For residents we require:

  • 4-Hour Minimum
  • Transportation Fee